Parry Bedi

Position: Senior Vice President, FeedbackNow at Forrester Research
The Wharton School - MBA

Parry has 10+ years of experience and is currently leading FeedbackNow: Forrester’s IoT device, software and services at the edge business. He is a former Co-Founder & CEO of GlimpzIt, an AI Customer Intelligence platform that was acquired by Forrester. He has also been with Microsoft in the early part of his career and has an international profile, having studied and worked in different countries. With Parry’s experiences, he has a wide range of skills and tools that he can share for people willing to go into IT and entrepreneurship in general.


DTU was a great stepping stone in Parry’s entrepreneurial journey, and he would love to give back. He especially wants to help students who are looking to get into entrepreneurship- in particular, he can help with advice on Product Development, Go to Market Strategy and Fundraising. Also Parry views it as a great opportunity to learn from them.