Peter Grønborg

Position: Wind Energy Analyst at Ørsted
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Mathematical Modelling and Computation

Peter has 2+ years of experience working with data analysis in the field of Offshore Wind Energy. His work has been a large mix of data analysis, numerical optimization, tools development, and R&D work. One of his focuses is to find areas in the development of an offshore windfarm where it is possible to improve processes to run more automatically. Either by using numerical optimization or program a process which have been made by hand before. Peter is especially interested in using deep learning. Other than his career in offshore wind energy, Peter is very passionate about Image Analysis and its application in the real world (outside of academia).


Coming from University to the job market is challenging and can be difficult to shift mindset from a student to a “grown-up” engineer. By being a mentor it is possible to help build a bridge between these mindsets, which Peter found difficult throughout his studies until getting a student job. At the same time, he believes that he is able to develop his own skills in relation to communication, motivating, leadership and much more. From a mentee, Peter expects a person who is considering to be in the industry when graduating and is seeking to know more about what you can be. If a mentee is considering which path to go career-wise, educationally, how to balance work and life or just wants to expand their network, he is completely up for it. Peter would prefer a Danish speaking person, but it is not a requirement.