Peter Jørgensen

Position: Lead Analyst at Ørsted
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Peter has 17+ years of experience, and has focused the past 8+ years on two key topics: Helping senior management establishing structures and decision processes for themselves, and driving analyses of large amount of data, cross organizational processes and complex problems resulting in recommendations for senior management. One of his key abilities is to see what the organization needs and then what needs to be done to achieve the desired targets – and backing the conclusions up via data.


Peter’s main goal in being a mentor is to help a student by sharing his experiences and spar on different topics of relevance to make the student more capable of making better career decisions going forward. Based on many years as a generalist, coaching a lot of leaders, and now going into a more specialist role, he has a lot of insights into the different organisational roles of which he would like to share his thoughts and experiences.

If the student has a student job in a company, Peter would also like to spar on relevant tasks or tactical approaches. During his education at DTU he lacked the ‘real life in a company’ perspective; e.g. “What do you do? What is expected of you? What are the important skills?” etc. He would also be able to assist a student on these perspectives.