Roger V. Krishnaswamy

Position: Business Consultant Principal at SimCorp A/S
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Ph.D. Applied Mathematics

Roger has 20+ years of experience as a program manager, project manager, leader and consultant. He has been many years in the software industry, primarily working with FinTech and R&D. Roger also has international experience, having worked in both Northern Europe and Asia / Pacific area. During his many years at SimCorp, he has taken on many different roles, and he can, therefore, provide great insights into how it is to work at a large corporation and how to develop your career within the same company, but in different roles.


Roger wants to become a mentor for a number of different reasons. First of all, he wants to get an insight into what is happening in research again after 20+ years outside the university environment. Secondly, he is able to share and coach others with his work experience in Europe and Asia/Pacific, and lastly, he’s seeking some new and fresh inspiration from a young, talented student.