Rose Babirye Frederiksen

Position: Business Analyst at DXC Technology
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Engineering Management
University of Southern Denmark (SDU) - B.Sc., Economics and IT

Rose has experience with business analysis, planning, innovation, management, and strategy in IT. She has worked with these areas in both the public and the private sector, and for the last 5 years as a business analyst, leading customers into their digital transformation journey with Next Generation Infrastructure and Modern Application Solutions, combining her technical know-how with management and planning skills. Her work revolves around turning innovative processes into tangible and viable ideas.


There are many students who need someone else to put heads together to pave the way forward. There are many graduates who are left on their own without knowing which way to take and how to get to the destination. There are many professionals who get stuck in daily routines. Rose wants to help others who need help – sharing her own story – her inspiration as a single mother of 3 children, while at the same time a student on SU. How do you balance family, studies, networking? Rose wants to inspire those who come from other countries: A foreigner in Denmark, why it is necessary to get an education. And what to do after graduation. How to get a job. Getting involved in the mentoring program will also help her grow her own motivational and leadership skills.