Sikker Rosendal

Position: Mechanical Engineer at GEA Process Engineering
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Applied Mechanic

Sikker has ~10 years of experience as a mechanical engineer in the industry. He began working as a consultant and tried many different projects from small to large companies. He has thus contributed to a lot of different types of engineering projects, and enjoy projects where new disrupting ideas/technologies might solve tasks. Sikker’s main focus areas as Mechcanical Engineering Specialist in GEA are currently Development, 3D CAD, Manufacturing of process equipment and some project management.


Sikker would like to help new employees/students by sharing some of the choices he has made so far, and like to believe he can give some inspiration.

He believes that teaching others is a great way to learn about oneself and thus improve as person. He hopes he can contribute to help students that are relatively new on a job or maybe looking for a first job to actually mature some of their thoughts choosing a first job or career path.

Maybe give some inspiration of how he has worked with projects to develop experience before getting his first tasks in industry. How he has later learned that even large conservative companies does need fresh ideas and new approaches to stay competetive.