Simon Wessel

Position: Data Scientist at Danske Bank
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Industrial Mathematics
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - B.Sc., Mathematics and Technology

Simon has 5+ years of experience with consulting and data science. With a background in advanced statistics and modeling, he has a thorough insight of how machine learning algorithms operate. Through years of working with big data, he enjoys optimizing by transforming, manipulating and visualizing data. Working in IT consultancy for years – in PwC, CGI and now Danske Bank – has taught Simon a wide range of programming languages and given him hands-on experience with developing advanced analytics solutions and deploying them into production. Working in this ever-changing environment of data science has taught Simon to embrace learning-by-doing and satisfy his urge to learn new technologies. He loves to enrich the traditional business intelligence landscape with AI, extracting the next level of business insights into your data.


Simon would love to help a student from a familiar background, preparing for what happens after graduation. Hopefully, his experiences, both good and bad ones, are able to help a mentee one step closer to finding out what they are passionate about. Personally, Simon also sees the mentorship as a chance for him to enhance his own motivational and leadership skills, as well as a great opportunity to stay in touch with the student environment and hear their thoughts on what the future will bring. Simon would prefer to mentor a student related to his own field, within ambitions of becoming a generalist.