Søren Steen

Position: Wind Analyst at Ørsted
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Computational and Applied Mathematics

Søren has 3+ years of experience working as a wind analyst with the description, investigation, and modelling of wakes and layout optimization in large offshore wind farms, as well as the validation of these models. Furthermore, Søren works with driving the implementation of digitalization and automatization by implementing standardized tools and data structures using test-based programming and well-defined procedures and documentation. To model the difficult physics phenomena such as wakes and difficult layout optimization problems with both environmental, regulatory, and physical constraints, Søren employs mathematical modelling using data science and machine learning methods.


Thinking and planning for the future can be difficult, and Søren would like to help others to find the direction they want to go in, helping him develop his personal leadership and mentoring abilities as well. Having graduated a couple of years ago, Søren is not far away from having lived the student life – and can, therefore, have a great perspective on the transition from student to the labor market.