Søren Vedel

Position: Platform product owner - optimization and analytics at Maersk
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Ph.D. Physics
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Applied Physics

Søren has 9+ years of experience as an engineer within digital product development, technology, leadership and strategy. His work is recognized for delivering impactful outcomes across leading players in the business, technology, and science, with experience covering commercial products as well as internal products. Besides his current role in Maersk, Søren has a wide range of experiences in other corporations such as Novo Nordisk and Maersk Digital and has also spent time in the academic world doing research.


Søren wants to give back, since he has been using mentors throughout his own career and still is. He wants to help a student by sharing his story and experiences and help in the decision-making processes the student will be going through. Personally, Søren is hoping participation will contribute to personal goals to expand his personal leadership and motivational skills, and so he would prefer a mentee with leadership ambitions, someone moving from being a specialist to a generalist, or someone looking to make a bigger change. In addition, he is also hoping his participation will expand his network among young, talented engineers.