Thomas Alkeskjold

Position: Senior Innovation Manager at Maersk
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Ph.D. Laser and Fiber Optic Technology
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Thomas has 18+ years of experience in developing hardware technologies/deeptech and bringing it to the market. He has a wide range of experiences and roles behind him – such as institutional researcher, industrial researcher, product developer, project manager, portfolio manager, engineering manager, R&D director and as big corporate innovation manager. He has been in all kinds of corporate environments – startup, scaleup and big corporate environments.


Thomas truly enjoys working with skilled people/teams and help bring ideas and concepts to a more mature stage and become more bankable. Therefore, he also wishes to use his experiences in a mentoring setting, helping out a student with the same interests. He is particularly thrilled by hardware innovation, as this is a different beast than software. The journey is very exciting.