Tolga Omer Atalay

Position: Ph.D. student at VirginiaTech
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - MSc Telecommunication

Tolga has been involved in diverse living and learning environments both in terms of education style and culture. In his MSc studies at DTU, he studied different areas of networking applications, most noteworthy among them; mobile networks, software-defined-networking and FPGA design for communication systems. Tolga joined VirginiaTech in 2018 to pursue his Ph.D. and studied massive MIMO systems during his first year, after which he changed fields to move up in the network stack and focus on the potential cybersecurity issues within network slicing. He believes that a firm understanding of the 5G standardization efforts is key to orchestrating a smooth transition to a fully realized next generation of mobile networks and have dedicated himself to building an end-to-end understanding of network slicing to do so.


Tolga views this as an opportunity to get connected with a fellow engineer. The mentor/mentee pair will help each other grow in different ways and share experiences and ideas from our relevant research fields to become more mature and creative people. The extra-curricular interaction skills that both gain from this time window is just an added perk.