Tom Persson

Position: Partner at Incito IT Management Consulting and NordicUpside
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Computer Science

Tom has 30+ years of experience with IT and consulting industry. He is passionate about helping clients enable and improve their sales capabilities through IT enablement of the commercial processes and helping clients optimize their Costumer Engagement model. For the past many years, he has been working as a management consultant with the primary focus of realizing business benefits through IT. Many years in the IT consulting market hax given Tom a solid experience with the development and optimization of the major delivery processes in IT organizations, and he has been apart of a number of different companies such as Implement Consulting, PA Consulting, Oracle and more.


Tom believes it is important to help new students and graduates to find their way into the labour market, and the help them realize that failure to follow a strict and planned career path does not matter in the long run Рthere are many ways to Rome. Tom would prefer helping a mentee with ambitions of going into the consulting industry Рpreferably within IT consulting.