Walter Tamukong

Position: Regional Environmental Health & Safety Manager at O-I Glass Inc.
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Walter has 10+ years of experience in the manufacturing sector, for both national and International corporations. His career has predominantly been in North America (United States and Canada) with working relationship and colleagues in Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Walter’s focus has been on Environmental, Health and Safety management, application and compliance with regulations for the business operations (Faculties). There is an expectation to develop an excellent working relationship and understanding with Engineering, Finance, and Human Resources discipline and to be a subject matter expert, providing guidance to these various groups.


Walter believes we all have a story to tell of our journey as a student to becoming a career professional, but most important to him is to narrow the gap between what you actually study at school and how it translates to real life. He wants to help a mentee, see how real-life process mirrors growth. When starting as student, the focus usually is on general studies and then narrows out towards senior/graduating years on specialized courses or thesis. He wants to help you get a broader view of things.