Zheng Zhang

Position: Product Manager at Tencent
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc. Telecommunication
University of Michigan - Business Administration (MBA)

Zheng has 12+ years of experience in product management and other areas. He was trained as an engineer in DTU, and afterward worked in Danfoss for almost 10 years. After that, he found his passion in the business and online education field. Following up on this, he went to the University of Michigan for an MBA degree and worked in an education startup after graduation.


Main reason for becoming a mentor is that Zheng would love to share his experiences and provide possible advice to someone who might find it beneficial. It’s been a tough time globally, but there are opportunities. He hopes his advice can help. Zheng would prefer some who 1) has an engineering background and seek for a career switch; 2) newly graduated as an international student who is looking for a job, especially the opportunities in the USA and China; 3) anyone interested in talking to him.