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The story of Conflux

How do we get a mentor?

The Conflux concept emerged in February 2019 when Deina and Christian attended an event at CBS. At the event, the three speakers mentioned that they had all at some point had a mentor. On the way home, we were both wondering about one thing:

How do we get a mentor ourselves?

We went home and tried researching: How does a DTU student get a mentor? Right now, you can get a mentor if you have a startup or are a PhD-student.

But most students don’t fit those criteria.

We changed that.

Within two months of having the initial idea, we created a pilot project to test whether mentorship works for students.

The pilot consisted of 23 inspiring mentors from the industry and 23 dedicated mentees across different institutes and study lines. All willing to learn from one another and make a difference.

ITU and expansion

In 2020, we’ll hold our second round of the program. We are expanding in two ways:

  • From DTU to DTU & ITU
  • From 23 mentor-mentee-pairs to 160 pairs

This expansion is going to bring mentorship to even more students. It has been made possible by a generous grant from Tuborg Fondet.

Long term expansion

We plan on expanding to all engineering campuses in Denmark.


Aalborg University University College Absalon
Aarhus University University of Southern Denmark
IT University of Copenhagen VIA University College
Technical University of Denmark

Are you a student at one of the universities – and do you want to become a part of our team, so we can achieve our goal? Send an email to christian@conflux.dk

The Program Timeline

Our Team

Deina Kellezi

Co-Founder & Chairman


Toke Bøgelund-Andersen

Team Leader and
Director of Technology &  Data

Christian Bøgelund

Co-Founder & Chairman


Frederik Schjerning

Director, Life Science


Carl Sander Kruse

Director, Construction


Simone Grunnell

Co-Director, Construction


Mikkel Goldschmidt

Co-Director, Technology&Data


Nicolas Asano

Co-Director, Life Science


Agnes Hardy Bertelsen

Director of ITU Outreach


Meet our mentors

We've found over 190 great mentors for our program.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.