We help students thrive in the world of tomorrow.

As engineering students, we gain an amazing level of expertise in our respective subject matters. We learn how to calculate triple integrals. How to code intuitively. How to solve complex problems.

Unfortunately, there’s something missing. For many students, going from academia to the job market poses many challenges. We are unsure about what exactly we want to work with. What we’re good at. What we can use the countless hours we’ve clocked in at the lecture halls for. Who do we turn to when we need to ask the “stupid questions” that we might have?

At Conflux, we believe that the solution lies in deep, personal connections. While we believe that company showcases are still important, but the impact that you get from having a role model far exceeds that of the latter.

That’s why we’ve created a program that kickstarts that connection.

The current round of Conflux

162 matches

70+ Companies

Ending event TBD (between 27.-29. of September)

Our Team

Deina Kellezi

Co-Founder & Chairman


Christian Bøgelund

Co-Founder & Chairman


Toke Bøgelund-Andersen

Head of Mentors


Simone Grunnell

Head of Mentees


Nicolas Asano

Head of Branding


Carl Sander Kruse

DTU Head of Campus


Kasper Niklas Hansen

Head of Finance


Jens Ferløv

Head of Finance


Conflux Alumni

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Agnes Hardy Bertelsen

Mikkel Goldschmidt

Frederik Schjerning