We make students thrive in the world of tomorrow.

As engineering students, we get an amazing level of subject matter expertise. We learn exactly how to calculate triple integrals. How to make complex calculations. How to solve problems.

Unfortunately, something is missing. For many students, going from academia into the job market poses new challenges. We are unsure what we want to work with. What we are good at. What we should do. Who do we turn to when we need to ask the “stupid questions” that we might have?

At Conflux, we believe that the solution is deep and personal relationships. We believe that while you can learn a lot from a presentation from a company, the impact you can get from getting to know a role model far exceeds that.

That’s why we create programs that spark a connection.

Our Team

Deina Kellezi

Co-Founder & Chairman


Toke Bøgelund-Andersen

Team Leader

Christian Bøgelund

Co-Founder & Chairman


Frederik Schjerning

Director, Life Science


Mikkel Goldschmidt

Co-Director, Technology&Data


Carl Sander Kruse

Director, Construction


Simone Grunnell

Co-Director, Construction


Nicolas Asano

Co-Director, Life Science


Agnes Hardy Bertelsen

Director of ITU Outreach