Our mentors

Below is an overview over our mentors.

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Which track am I?

The tracks are used to segment mentors and mentees by field of interest. In general, your line of study dictates which tracks you should search for. Below, you can see an overview of BSc study lines – and which tracks fits each one of them. BEng and MSc-students: Use the below examples as a starting point in choosing the track.

If you are interested in work in another track (e.g. a biotech student who is interested in Software Development) you can still suggest a mentor from another track.

Students from Design & Innovation and General Engineering can fit profiles from all of our tracks.


All students from ITU Netværksteknologi og IT
Elektroteknologi Softwareteknologi
Geofysik og Rumteknologi Strategisk Analyse og Systemdesign
Kunstig Intelligens og Data Fysik og Nanoteknologi
Matematik og Teknologi


Bioteknologi Medicin og Teknologi
Fødevarer og Ernærning Sundhed og Informatik
Kemi og Teknologi Teknisk Biomedicin
Kvantitativ Biologi og Sygdomsmodellering


Bæredygtigt Energidesign Geofysik og Rumteknologi
Byggeteknologi Vand, Bioressourcer og Miljømanagement
Bygningsdesign Produktion og Konstruktion
Fysik og Nanoteknologi

We are currently preparing for our next rendition of the program. We'll publish the list of mentors once we get closer.