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Real-life project

At Conflux Consulting, you won't just do a theoretical project. Your work will have a real impact on a company.

Three events

To guide the process, we have created 3 events during the 6 month program. These events help you get the best out of your program.

Use the skills you’ve learned

Your 8 week engagement is a great way to try out your skills in a real-life setting. And, you'll get training from top-tier consultants.

Grow and learn

Get guidance and improve your consulting skills by our trained mentors.

Our Projects

InnoSocial: Disrupting online teaching

Try out user research, prototype development and project validation. Click here to learn more.

KASPER BREW CO: Increase brewing efficiency

Optimize the production of beer at a local Danish brewery.

KASPER BREW CO: IOT Temperature Control

Implement an IOT-based temperature control system.

You can apply if...

You study at DTU

You are prepared to spend 5-8 hours per week on the project

You are not going on exchange during the program.

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