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Work on a real-life

project for 8 weeks

Real-life project

At Conflux Consulting, you won't just do a theoretical project. Your work will have a real impact on a company in a group of 5-6 students.

Three events

To guide the process, we have created 3 events during the 8 week program. These events help you get the best out of your program.

Use the skills you’ve learned

Your 8 week engagement is a great way to try out your skills in a real-life setting. And, you'll get training from top-tier consultants.

Grow and learn

Get guidance and improve your consulting skills by our trained mentors.

Our Projects

Here’s the list of projects for February 2022. Click on each to read more.

Maersk Drilling: Software technology for hazardous work

Help Maersk Drilling choose a software program

Lundbeck: Deviation text analysis platform

Help Lundbeck detect deviations in production

Lundbeck: Digital twin for drying process

Produce a digital twin for Lundbeck’s drying process

Lundbeck: Anomaly detection platform

Help Lundbeck automate analysis of production parameters

AMTech: Improving limestone removing

Help AMTech redesign and improve their cutting edge anti-calcifier

AMTech: Effect on biofilm

Help AMTech research their device’s effect on biofilm

Previous Projects

Conflux Consulting happens twice a year, once per semester at DTU.

Here’s a list of previous projects:

Ørsted: Grid scale energy storage

Help ensure integration of energy storage technologies with offshore wind power plants in the Danish electricity grid.

GEA Group: 3D print a sensor in plastic

The purpose of the project is to re-design the instrument from several pieces to a single piece that fulfill a few criteria.

Ørsted: Mapping of wave energy market

Help Ørsted assess whether to work with wave energy or not.

KASPER BREW CO: Increase brewing efficiency

Optimize the production of beer at a local Danish brewery.

BIRAnalyzers: IOT Temperature Control

Implement an IOT-based temperature control system.

InnoSocial: Disrupting online teaching

Try out user research, prototype development and project validation. Click here to learn more.

GEA Group: Robotic Arm End Tool

GEA is looking for automatic solutions that includes 6-axis robotic arms.

You can apply if...

You study at DTU, ITU or another technical university

You are prepared to spend 8 hours per week on the project

You are not going on exchange during the program.

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