Develop your leadership skills
and make an impact

Mentor an ambitious student.

Help a student achieve their goals and dreams.

Have an impact.

Personal Match

Your match is chosen specifically for you by our matching team. We choose the best and most motivated students - so you avoid wasting your time.

Three events

To guide the process, we have created 3 events during the 6 month program. These events help you get the best out of your program.

Have an impact

Having a mentor can be life-changing for a student. Using your knowledge and experience to help is a fulfilling way to give back.

Grow and learn

Improve your own skills in motivating another person and learn what is going on at top universities right now.








You can apply if...

You have over 2 years of work experience. Many of our mentors have 30+ years of experience, so 2 years is only the lower limit.

You want to commit yourself to having a one hour meeting every month in the 6 month period

You are not using Conflux solely as a recruitment initiative (mentors recruiting their mentee happens once in a while - and that's okay. But it shouldn't be the main goal of participating)

Application Process

01. Application

You’ll fill out our application form and answer a few questions about who you are and why you want to be a mentor.

02. Your Mentor Profile

Based on your application, we make a mentor profile for you on the website. This helps our mentees choose who they prefer when they apply.

You’re able to update the profile if needed.

03. Match

Once our next rendition of the program begins, you are matched with an ambitious student. Then, at the kickoff event, you will have the chance to meet each other in-person.

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