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About The Program

A personal match.

As part of the program, you are matched with a student with interests and career goals like your own. In Conflux, we carefully consider our matches before bringing two people together, as this is crucial for a mentoring relationship to be successful. This is why we also look for dedication and commitment on applications from both sides.

Three events.

The program consists of three events for each track:

  • A kick-off event: The most important event of the program. You will meet your mentee for the first time in an informal setting. Together, you will settle expectations and define the goals for your relationship the following six to seven months.
  • A mid-way event: You will get the chance to spend an evening with other participants of the program to follow-up on your mentoring relationship and receive inspiration for the next half of the program.
  • A Farewell event: Thank you for participating! This is a chance for you to evaluate on your learnings, thank your mentee and decide what your relationship should be in the future.

The events will all consist of a number of different workshops, industry talks and networking sessions for you personal and professional growth. We consider them the backbone of the program.

Quality is everything.

The most important part of a mentoring program is high quality and the right frames. We do everything we can to ensure that every part of the program is of high quality – whether it is the matching process, the program material, events or our communication to our participants.

To ensure this quality, we have partnered up with DTU to help with communication and recruitment of mentees. It’s important that the mentees are engaged and will be a part of the relationship – otherwise we waste the time of both the mentor and mentee.

The Program Timeline

Three Different Tracks

The program consists of three tracks that in total covers all study lines at DTU and ITU. Each track has a number of mentors assigned with different profiles to fit the interests and career path of the mentees. Information about each track can be viewed below.

Technology & Data

The Technology & Data track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career in the tech industry, at companies working with software, networks, electronics, hardware, data science, data security, AI, quantum mechanics or anything related to these fields.

Life Science

The Life Science track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career working within life sciences, pharmaceuticals, health technology, chemical processes, human biology, disease modelling or anything related.

Construction & Manufacturing

The Construction & Manufacturing track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career working with construction, building design, mechanics, manufacturing, product development, product design, processes, production, environment and energy or anything related.

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