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Conflux is a free mentorship program for students.

We set you up with a mentor from the industry
who fits your goals and interests.

Apply before February 13, 2020!

Personal Match

We match you with a mentor based on your wants and needs, taking your profile into consideration and the mentor wishes you provide in your application. We find you someone that can help you grow.

Three events

The program consists of three events, free of charge: Kick-Off Event, Mid-Way Event, Farewell Event. The Kick-Off event is mandatory and runs on the 9th of March 2020 (for Construction & Manufacturing and Life Science), and on the 23rd of March 2020 (for Technology & Data).

Over 180 mentors

We’ve found over 180 mentors from some of the biggest companies in Denmark, and from the startup environment. They have all joined the programme voluntarily and are here to help you.

The Program Timeline

Meet our mentors

Over 180 mentors have committed to becoming part of the program and engaging with students.

Meet our mentors

Who Can Apply?

We encourage all students that meet the following requirements to apply:

  • You are currently enrolled at a B.Sc., B.Eng., or M.Sc. programme at DTU or ITU
  • You are available for the kick-off event. Depending on your study line, on the 9th of March or 23rd of March.
  • You are able to take a proactive part of the program by committing to agreements with your mentor and preferably attend the Mid-Way and Farewell Event
  • You are preferably not going on exchange during the span of the program; if this is the case, please write it as a comment in your application, and we will try to accomodate

Three Different Tracks

The program consists of three tracks that in total covers all study lines at DTU and ITU. Each track has a number of mentors assigned with different profiles to fit the interests and career path of the mentees. Information about each track can be viewed below.

Technology & Data

The Technology & Data track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career in the tech industry, at companies working with software, networks, electronics, hardware, data science, data security, AI, quantum mechanics or anything related to these fields.

Life Science

The Life Science track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career working within life sciences, pharmaceuticals, health technology, chemical processes, human biology, disease modelling or anything related.

Construction & Manufacturing

The Construction & Manufacturing track is for those of you who wish to pursue a career working with construction, building design, mechanics, manufacturing, product development, product design, processes, production, environment and energy or anything related.

Meet our mentors

We've found over 190 great mentors for our program.

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23 mentors, 23 mentees, one pilot project.