Bo Andersen

Position: Technical Program Manager at Facebook
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - PhD Electrical Engineering

Bo’s educational background is M.Sc. and Ph.D. From DTU. He has 20+ years of industrial experience within High Tech R&D and product development for both Business-to-Busineess and Consumer markets. Bo has spent most of his career in the capacity of Technical Program Management, involving products with some level of optics for either telecommunications, sensing, or consumer products. He is currently working within Facebook, on development of Virtual and Augmented Reality products.


There is so much more to Engineering than the core technical skills end expertise you pick up at the university. While a strong technical base is absolutely necessary, the capability of putting technology in perspective and making it relevant is what makes engineering successful. Bo wants to share his experience and hopefully inspire young engineers to a more holistic view of engineering early on. Thinking back, this is some of the great input he has received from older colleagues early on in his career.