Maria Peris

Position: Technical Sales Engineer at Texas Instruments
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Maria has 7+ years of work experience in the semiconductor business, combining her technical knowledge with sales. Her career has the main focus of selling technological components to Industrial and Personal Electronics companies in Denmark. Maria has extensive knowledge of electrical engineering, the knowledge that she uses to understand how electronic components work and which ones are a good fit for customers. In parallel, she has expertise in building professional relationships and developing an engagement strategy, through her engagement in the Board of European Students of Technology, and having a thorough understanding of the semiconductor industry.


For Maria’s personal development, being a mentor would be able to improve her soft skills. In particular, her management and motivational skills for future work progress. Moreover, during her studies, Maria sometimes found difficult which path to choose after university. After more than 7 years of work experience, she is now able to see multiple ways to find a satisfactory career. That is why she wants to help those who are a bit “lost”, to find their own professional “voice” and achieve success. Maria would prefer mentees who are in search of their professional path and want to know how to build professional relationships.