Marie Nobis Israelsen

Position: Special Consultant at Faxe Kommune
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - BEng Production
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - Design and Management of projects in networks

Marie is a production engineer from DTU and has worked at Faxe Municipality for 10 years. She is improving processes and implementing changes in an operations department that run the municipality’s properties and land. Moreover, she works with building engineers and gardeners – directors and volunteers. She carries out major strategy processes – and makes agreements with citizens who want to maintain a path. Marie has competencies within design and management.


Marie’s daily work is very far from theories and methods at university, and she misses the professional sparring with engineers. As far as she can remember, it was just the other way around during her education. We will have more projects in the future on better solutions in relation to climate and the environment. How do we get it united with everyday life for citizens and colleagues?