Agnieszka Bochynska

I am a Chemical and Process Engineer with a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials. I have 8+ years of multicultural professional experience from 3 European countries (Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland). I currently work in Global R&D in Coloplast, where we develop medical devices for people with healthcare needs. What motivates me to come every day to work is that I contribute with my work to make life better for thousands of people every day. I am passionate by combining science with engineering and the impact it has on our culture and our future.

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Torsten Kolind

Bioinformatics engineer by training, co-founder of YouNoodle in San Francisco, a technology platform to source, select & engage most promising startups in the world.

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Nanna Lillelund

6+ years of experience with system design, usability, and innovation. She describes herself as a professional, responsible, outgoing and inventive innovation engineer with a background in user involved product system design.

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Mariona Bertran

Main interests lie in the interface between engineering and business. 5+ years in developing & applying systematic methods and tools to design and optimize production processes.

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Tanja Thorskov Bladt

10+ years of experience working both in research and as a specialist, as well as in management, in pharmaceuticals. Motivated by creating success with her team in biopharma Quality Assurance for Quality Control.

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Rima Assaf

4+ years of experience and is currently working within R&D, specifically with chemical processes & materials. Responsible for the testing & approval of new alternative raw materials.

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Nanna Hagstrøm

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - M.Sc., Biotechnology

Nanna has 3+ years of experience from the pharmaceuticals and food industry. During her studies and time at Radiometer and Chr. Hansen, she has gained strong problem-solving skills, a quality mindset, experience working in GMP environments and great interpersonal skills. Furthermore, she has achieved an international mindset from her time as an exchange student at the University of Aberdeen (UK). As an individual, Nanna describes herself as having a high level of positive energy, a creative mindset and a structured way of working. Moreover, she thrives working in dynamic environments with room for professional and personal development.


Nanna wants to become a mentor to develop her motivational skills and help a student by sharing her story – successes and failures. Also, she would love to expand her network among young engineering students. Nanna would also like to help a mentee that wants to excel in their field and who has also had a couple of hard times during their studies.

Michael Lee-Pedersen

5+ years of experience in academia & pharma, started out as (industrial) Ph.D. student and researcher, then transitioned into a process chemist and production engineer.

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Louise Kjer Nemming

3+ years experience working in pharmaceutical industry with production. Louise’s work revolves around how to make the greatest impact on the world, leading her to environmental sciences.

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Kim Moustgaard

10+ years of experience in QA & Regulatory Affairs for Medical Device compliance, both nationally and internationally. During his career, Kim has worked with people leadership, management, and strategy.

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