Niels-Kristian Gleerup

Aalborg University (AAU) - M.Sc., Industrial Engineering

Niels-Kristian has many years of experience working in the IT sector. He has an engineering background, working with various aspects of IT in a large IT organization with intensive international collaboration. During his career, he has taken on both technical as well as more managerial roles, and during the last 8 years, he has worked primarily with talent development, thriving to help new graduates getting a successful start in their professional career. Niels-Kristian is responsible for building and operating the talent pipeline for his current IT organization end-to-end. His approach to a mentor role is to help you reflect and support you in deciding your journey.


Students today have extremely high expectations of themselves. At the same time, it can be hard to find out what to focus on and what to opt-out. By providing his own experiences and open questions, Niels-Kristan can help to obtain more clarity on one’s preferences and ambitions, whether that is becoming a specialist, manager or a good all-rounder.

Karl Erik Traberg

25+ years of experience within the high-tech B2B industry and a strong track record with global market leaders in AI technology, enterprise software, operations support systems, public safety solutions and communications infrastructure.

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Emil Ferent

7+ years of end-to-end work experience in technology and software, currently in a role as a technical account manager, where he is empowering clients with enterprise solutions in IoT, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

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Stig Lohmann-Devantier

Extensive experience within Client Consultancy, project management/PMC, concept and strategy development as well as in marketing as consultant, owner and contractor from Denmark and abroad. Design of energy technical plants and HVAC plants and construction management.

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Simon Wessel

5+ years of experience within IT consulting and data science. With a background in advanced statistics and modeling, he has a thorough insight of how machine learning algorithms operate.

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Nanna Lillelund

6+ years of experience with system design, usability, and innovation. She describes herself as a professional, responsible, outgoing and inventive innovation engineer with a background in user involved product system design.

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Matej Simurda

7+ years of experience as an engineer / scientific programmer within acoustics, numerical methods, computational modeling and tool development.

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Mariona Bertran

Main interests lie in the interface between engineering and business. 5+ years in developing & applying systematic methods and tools to design and optimize production processes.

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Lise Lotte Christensen

20+ years experience in planning, project management & process management of major construction projects. Possesses theoretical & practical knowledge of strategic management & corporate development.

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Kim Overgaard

Background in innovation, entrepreneurship & business. Emphasis on sustainable innovation, innovation management, business models & corporate social responsibility.

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